COVID-19 Risk Assessment

External office protocol

Viewing Appointments

  • Enquire whether occupants or applicants have had virus or are showing symptoms
  • Establish if they are in an ‘at risk’ group and agree appropriate measures
  • 30-45 minutes per viewing slot to allow for procedure -15 minutes for travel & preparation and 15 minutes for viewing
  • Viewing guide to park in street and allow driveway to be clear for applicants
  • Masks and gloves to be worn by viewing guide who will arrive 10 minutes early
  • Viewers will be advised to wear masks and gloves to the viewing if they have these
  • Sanitiser to be carried by viewing guide at all times
  • Only 2 adult members of the same household to view at any one time
  • No children to enter property to keep risk to a minimum
  • All external and internal doors including cupboards to be opened prior to visit
  • Applicants to refrain from touching anything within the property
  • Viewing guide or occupant to tour property observing social distancing rules at all times
  • Limit communication at property. Ask applicants to contact office
  • Check, close doors and secure property before leaving
  • Occupants should take responsibility for cleaning appropriate areas post viewing. If vacant then viewing guide will need to complete this task after every viewing.

Market Appraisal Appointments

  • All valuers to carry sanitiser and cleanse before and after all visits
  • Gloves to be worn on all visits and discarded afterwards
  • Masks are optional, subject to Clients requirement and should be available where appropriate
  • Client to open all internal and external doors
  • 2 metre social distancing applied at all times
  • Valuer will not touch anything, accept a drink or sit down
  • Tour is likely to take 15 minutes
  • Presentation to be carried out at property or via a Zoom meeting or similar from office afterwards subject to Client requirement
  • Usual presentation pack prepared and either discussed and left with client if appropriate or shared via Zoom/emailed subsequently

Internal office protocol

  • Staff to wash hands every 2 hours as a minimum and whenever they enter the office
  • Surface cleaning in operational areas every 2 hours minimum
  • Observe 2 metre self-distancing rules with appropriate markings accounting for access areas
  • Individual Perspex screens will be provided where necessary
  • Avoid directly facing colleagues
  • 1 person only allowed in Kitchen areas at any one time
  • 1 person only allowed in corridor areas serving toilets and other services at any one time
  • Toilet areas to be sanitised with Dettol/antibacterial wipes after use
  • If using kitchen equipment ensure placement in dishwasher immediately after use
  • Only prepare drinks/food for yourself. Not others
  • Only 2 visitors in the office at any one time and markings displayed
  • Visitors not to touch anything and front doors left open where possible
  • Specific receptive area for goods deliveries/post and keys etc cleaned after use
  • Gloves to be worn by staff to retrieve and open packages
  • All keys received/handed out to be cleaned with Dettol/antibacterial wipes to sanitise after use
  • When returning keys, viewing guides should Dettol/antibacterial wipe all keys
  • No human physical contact
  • No personal deliveries acceptable
  • Open windows and doors where possible to generate air flow
  • Risk assessment published on website and within offices in all departments

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